Ojo Wall Panel - Prototype

Ojo Wall Panel - Prototype


The Ojo Wall Panel draws together natural materials, vibrant color, and a rich cultural legacy to create a striking one of a kind modern wall accessory.  From its origin in South American Spiritual traditions to its expression as a childhood yarn craft in 1970’s America, these concentric and colorful forms have fascinated generations.

Each panel is meticulously handcrafted to create a balanced composition using color and line weight. The resulting surface communicates an illusion of depth, where color adjacencies define a sense of dimensional space.

The strips of merino wool felt are configured in an anodized aluminum cradle. Easily installs using integrated cleat and provided hardware.

32” x 32” x 1.5”

This Wall Panel was made as a prototype and is being sold at a discount because the finish does not necessarily reflect the normal Submaterial quality standards. Panel is as pictured in a heavy steel cradle, as opposed to a lighter aluminum - the new standard.

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